Graded MacBooks


20 Point test

Wi-Fi Network connectivity

All connection ports, HDMI, AUX, USB etc

Web Cam
Keyboard (including shortcut keys)
Display Backlight

Hibernation Sensors
Screen (including touch, pixilation, hazing, burn & pixel lines)
CD/DVD drives including playing of Blu-Rays
Decorative lighting including backlit keyboards
Peripheral buttons (buttons along the edges of the machine for volume, power, DVD drives etc)
Mouse including multi gesture & buttons
HDD (fully scanned for bad sectors etc)
RAM (checked for memory flaws)
Chargers are tested for correct Amp-age & Voltage and that it powers the unit
Dedicated Graphic Cards are soak tested
HDMI ports
Gyro Function for devices that flip etc



Grade A


• Very good condition MacBook

• Excellent cosmetic condition with very slight signs of use

Grade B


• Good condition with signs of use

• Minor wear and tear to the screen and chassis

• General light wear to the keyboard.


Grade C


• Average condition with clear signs of use

• Moderate wear and tear to the screen and chassis